About us

The Blue Planet Foundation was established in 2016 by János Áder, President of Hungary in order to raise the society’s environmental awareness within and beyond the borders of Hungary.

The Foundation was established by a will to take action and a recognition that there have been discourses on the dangers of climate change for decades, but very little was actually done. For the past twenty-five years the prognosis has been increasingly alarming, but we still haven’t found a solution to the dilemma that while during the past century the population of the Earth more than tripled, our energy consumption increased tenfold.

The Foundation primarily focuses on increasing the sensitivity of the society to environmental and sustainability issues and involving local communities to solve them through developing a sense of personal environmental responsibility and commitment to take action on climate change.

To this end, the Foundation prioritises on


  • designing and developing multi-level education focused on environmental and climate change awareness,
  • expanding the environmental awareness of the society,
  • changing the attitudes, behaviours of producer and consumer habits and aspirations of individuals and society, in the context of environmental protection and climate,
  • shifting and developing a new relationship between society and the environment,
  • supporting the mitigation of the effects of climate change and the adaptation programs of communities on local and national levels