Meeting with North Macedonian PRO (Producer Responsibility Organization) organizations – mapping the current situation.

In the first phase of the Twinning project, experts study the current Macedonian legislation and practice regarding the EPR system presently operated at the Beneficiary. PROs – Producer Responsibility Organizations – play a key role as main stakeholders, besides the state institution. Therefore the first meetings have been organized on a Ministerial level and with the PROs.

The first of these was PAKOMAK with whom the expert team (Erika Horváth, Szilvia Murányi and Gábor Deme) held a professional consultation.

During the extremely open and friendly discussion, PAKOMAK’s operational manager Igor MAKALOSKI gave extensive information about the organization’s work and the handled material flows, but also the entire waste market was discussed.


The company aims to build long-term and solid cooperation with its customers and the state in accordance with European standards. Their goal is to minimize the negative environmental effects of packaging waste and to ensure a responsible attitude towards it.

The expert team held a professional consultation with the coordinating PRO called “NULA OTPAD” too.
The company provides permanent and reliable collection, sorting, transport and recycling services for electronic waste, waste cells and batteries to ensure that their recyclable elements are actually recycled. Their concept supports municipalities to prepare a long-term strategy step by step and adapt their waste management system to the concept of “zero waste”.


The managers of ALPAKECO also welcomed the project and offered all assistance for its successful implementation. This company supports, coordinates and finances the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste.

With the services they provide to their clients, they strive to be able to manage their packaging waste, meet national goals, and thereby fulfill their obligations to the society. By informing and educating all participants in the system, they raise their attention to the importance of the problem and make them motivated to carry out the procedure properly.


Finally, the expert team consisting of Enikő Bárdos and Szilvia Murányi held a professional consultation with the coordinating PRO called “EURO-EKOPak“. This non-profit company is the operator of the packaging waste management system, in compliance with the principle of extended producer responsibility (EPR system).

They organize the collection and reuse of packaging waste on behalf of their customers, and ensure the fulfillment of the goals specified in the Decree on the Packaging Waste Reduction Plan and the Packaging Act.


By providing its customers the conditions for responsible waste management, reducing the negative environmental effects of packaging, it contributes to the preservation of natural resources and the development of the circular economy in Macedonia.

In the coming weeks all other PROs, main Stakeholders from the waste management industry – collectors, recyclers – will also be visited to be able to get a throughout picture of the actual operations arising from the legislation and also to assure extensive involvement of the Stakeholders in the Project.

As stated in the winning bid, reflected in the accepted workplan, Stakeholder workshops, consultations, questioners and other tools will be used to assure smooth delivery and common understanding of the project procedures, development and delivery.

The Management Team of the project was highly grateful for all the Stakeholders of their opened mindset and cooperative attitude.