Planet V4 – Acceleration and business development bootcamp

A unique, sponsored learning experience and business development program for young entrepreneurs working on sustainability challenges in the V4 countries

About the program

The ‘Planet V4!’ acceleration and business development Bootcamp is a 3-day-long education journey for 10 selected startups from the V4 countries – Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – that are beyond the conceptualization phase, at least on MVP, with a solution that is addressing a sustainability issue. The selected participants will also win a special invitation to exhibit at the Planet Budapest Sustainability Expo and Summit and will earn introductions to some world-class environment masterminds.

Since the program is focusing on the young generations, startups having a founder below the age of 30 will be preferred in the application process.

Key focus areas are: food waste, water management, energy efficiency, transportation and waste management, while applications from startups outside of these areas are also welcomed as long as they address some other sustainability challenges.

Why to apply?

The selected ten startups will be invited to Budapest to participate in this unique Bootcamp, taking place between 27th – 28th – 29th October 2021 (Wednesday-Friday) to learn from and build relationships with real market professionals and investors, and with each other.

They will also get a special invitation to exhibit at the Planet Budapest Sustainability Expo and Summit, organized in Budapest between 29th November – 5th December 2021 and to have scheduled 1:1 meetings with some of the world’s leading policymakers, academics and high-end representatives of international organisations on sustainable development and financial institutions, as well as business players committed to sustainable development. All costs are covered for both the Bootcamp and the Expo, including travel, accommodation and the exhibition.

How to apply?

Click on the link below, answer the questions and attach the requested documents. Your application will be rated by an international board of judges, representing all the V4 countries, and the 10 highest ranked applicants will be invited to join the program.


Until the 4th of October 2021 (midnight)
5th October – 17th October 2021
Announcing the 10 selected startups
18th October 2021
27-29th October 2021


27th October (Wednesday) Topic: Recruitment

Workshop holder: Gabi Sarkadi, Co-Founder & Senior Tech Recruitment Consultant @ TalentStack

Gabi is a recruitment professional with 15 years of experience. She worked both on agency and corporate sides, as an HR Consultant, Technical Recruiter, and as HR Business Partner, in small and mid-sized HR service providers and technology companies. She is currently leading a recruitment agency focusing on IT searches, acts as a team lead of 5 tech recruiters, and supports as a senior consultant a couple of partners in recruitment topics.


Steps of your recruitment

  • Building your recruitment strategy
  • Members, responsibilities in recruitment
  • Tools and costs in recruitment (advertising, career boards, headhunters)
  • Create persona, ideal candidate profile
  • Types of interviews, tech tests, AC, methodology

Employer Branding

  • Create your unique employer brand, values
  • Recruitment marketing, career page, social media contents
  • Company culture

Workshop I.

  • Plan recruitment strategy for your startups’ 1st year
  • Define your values
  • Nr of employees, roles, costs of FTEs/contractors
  • Costs of hiring, channels, tools

Going out and recruit offline – networking essentials
How to reduce your recruitment costs (referrals, testimonials, free tools)
Guest speaker with international recruitment experience: dos and donts of startup recruitment
Replacements, firing, exit interviews – what if someone leaves us

Workshop II.

  • Simulated interview: how to do it in practice // Gabi + 1-2 participants test interview

28th October (Thursday) Topic: Marketing

Workshop holder: Gábor Bonyhádi, Chief Marketing Officer @ eOptika

Gábor is an experienced marketing leader and startup founder with a demonstrated history of helping companies grow and scale. Skilled in Digital Strategy, People Management, Marketing Strategy, and Project Coordination. Hands-on, love to build new things, but also love to build teams that can perform and can reach business goals and KPI’s. Currently working as the CMO of eOptika (7M EUR revenue). Prior to this, he helped PROGmasters as co-CEO for 1,5 years to grow (from 0.5 to 1,2M EUR revenue), Codecool as a marketing advisor and later CMO for 5 years to grow (from 0 to 3.5 M EUR revenue), and was CMO of Szamos for 1,5 years (15M EUR revenue). HE holds a position as a Member of the Board at the Hungarian Marketing Association.



  • What is branding?
  • The importance of branding in the long run
  • How branding relates to your company’s core values

Scaling with marketing

  • How to scale your marketing activities internationally
  • Agency vs. inbound full-stack marketer vs. inbound international specialists

Performance marketing

  • What are the most common performance marketing channels (Facebook, Google, Native ads: Taboola, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc…)
  • How to use each of these platforms?
  • The importance of “common ground measurement” – what does each platform use as an attribution model and how to read the numbers

Inbound marketing

  • blogging, webinars, e-mail hooks, e-mail marketing

SEO as a growth tool

  • How to analyze your business in terms of SEO
  • How to create SEO content quick and dirty

Marketing Technologies

  • What marketing technologies can you use and what marketing technologies should you use

29th October (Friday) Topic: Sales

Workshop holder: Tamás Holczer, Startup Advisor, Freelance Sales and Recruitment & NASA Technology Transfer

Tamás is a sales and business development professional, originated from Hungary, has been living and building companies and brands from scratch in the US market from the San Francisco Bay Area since 2009.


Introductions and quick elevator pitch

Know your target market and how to get there

  • Reverse on purpose (pitch & marketing – how to change/improve both continuously)
  • Open conversation about who did what to complete market their research

Your initial sales preparation before a meeting & pipeline

  • Presentation/deck (how does it look, why says what it says)
  • Ideal sales personality in your sales team and why (hunter, qualifier, closer or farmer)
  • How does your online sales line up with field sales (and how can they boost each other)

Partnerships and strategy: how to grow with partners as well

  • Identify partner channels (for each startup/industry different)
  • Set properties between partnerships and lean how to set it
  • Short term & long term partnership evaluation and benefits

Selling for the US market: what to get prepared for, what to expect as an European entrepreneur

The Jury

Sean Murphy

Founder of ImpactScope

Katarina Hazuchova

Independent Environmental Analyst, Adjunct Researcher (GPoT, SIOV), Alumni of ASPEN Institute CE, IAF

Karolina Wojtas

Investment Manager at ICOS Capital Management | VC (DeepTech and Sustainability)

Daniel Hastik

Founder | Investor | Surfer | Tech Scout | NFT Art

Vikas Malhotra

Building Emerging World Startup Ecosystems | Stanford GSB Grad

Hans Dijkstra

The Netherlands
Sustainable Exponentialism

Gabriella Sódar

Head of Acceleration at Blue Planet Foundation

Adam Ďurica

Associate at Zero Gravity Capital

Gergely Jancsár

SNEU –, Advisor at MOL, Sustainability Expert

Tatiana Aulachynskaya

Senior Director of Product, Growth at PandaDoc


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